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Dog Training in Northern California

(Auburn, Newcastle, Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, Sacramento, Granite Bay, Folsom, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights)

GRCC offers a variety of professional dog training services including in-home coaching, adventure-day training, puppy-raising boarding, and evaluations/personality testing.  We also offer group classes and dog field rental opportunities for our community! 

*Scent Detection*

6, 13 (12p)
14 , 28 (1p)

5, 19 (1p)
11, 18, 25 (4p)

*Canine Soapbox*

6, 13 (2p)

28 (9:30a)

11, 25 (9:30a)

*Foundation for Treibball*
Dates June: 8, 15, 22, 29 (5p)

2024 Group Classes ($20 per dog per class)
Dates Closed

April 1 7 - 23
(Jay Jack Workshop)

May 26-June 4
(Cameron Ford
Canine Cognition Seminar)


I hadn’t had a dog let alone a puppy in several years and my husband said no dog until you retire. I had no idea what a high energy dog was like until I got my mini labradoodle, Macy. I needed help with potty training and help with training and it’s a tough task at an older age. I promised myself I would have a good dog with training. A good foundation and a head start is the difference between having a good dog versus a great dog. When we made the decision to board and train with Carrie Faber she knew what it took to having a great dog. Carrie took my mini chocolate labradoodle puppy, Macy at 9 weeks and had her potty trained in one week. We wanted her to be able to use a bell to tell us when she needed to go out. I’m an older adult and just didn’t have the energy nor the patience to potty train her. Carrie didn’t disappoint or just stop there. She taught her basics commands as well in those two weeks: Sit, touch, heel crate training and more. We are so thankful for taking this route and would use Carrie again in a heart beat. Our Macy Mae is a little over a year old now and has become the greatest dog we have ever had. Thanks again, Carrie!

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