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AKC Evaluations:

CGC, CGCA, CGCU, Tricks, Virtual Home Manners




Therapy and Service Dog Evaluations





Temperament and Litter Evaluations (Personality Profiles)


Temperament Testing for Best Family Companion Dogs, Working Dogs, or Breeding

When choosing the best work partners or family dogs, it is essential to make the correct selection. We offer:

  • Litter evaluations

  • Puppy selections for new owners

  • Family dog selections

  • Working dog selections

  • Therapy, service and police dog candidate evaluations

  • Puppy and adult dog temperament testing

Based upon Dr. Bonnie Bergin and Guide Dogs for the Blind’s evaluation processes, perfected throughout years of raising and matching puppies for multiple dog breeders and individual clients, GRCC has mastered the art of Temperament Testing. It is important to understand what breed is best for your needs (most compatible) and we will ensure you get the best start with your new puppy with a purpose! 


Litter Evaluations for Breeders

To help successfully place each puppy into the right home, we offer litter evaluations and puppy temperament testing. We can evaluate puppies as young as 7 weeks old, however the more opportunities to observe and evaluate throughout their whelping box weeks is a huge advantage, providing more insight. Puppies go through our extensive temperament test, during which we evaluate their personalities: character traits, IQs, learning ability, problem solving, their drive, focus, forgiveness level, stress threshold, reaction to various stimuli, recovery time, and level of affection. This test allows us to select the perfect puppy for each family and also to identify those puppies suitable for service, therapy, and police work.


Choosing the Right Family Dog or Work Partner

Our extensive temperament test helps evaluate the in-born natural traits of dogs. A Litter Evaluation Test will help you select the right puppy as your future work partner or member of the family. We also evaluate older dogs if you are planning to adopt an older dog. The kind of job you have in mind for your dog will determine the type of temperament you need in the dog. 

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