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Puppy "Head Start"
Raise & Learn Program

24/7 training, socializing, and care in the house as they are raised as a part of the trainer's family during their stay! 

The Puppy Raising program is for puppies as young as 8 weeks and up to 9 months of age. Puppies get started on building a foundation of "learning how to learn" and work on basic obedience, socialization, and most importantly house manners! 


In-home board and train programs provide the most one-on-one time for puppies, since they enter into an immersive, training-focused environment. 

Bringing puppies directly in the trainer's home allows them to learn/practice their skills 24/7 as they fall immediately into a regulated schedule with multiple training sessions throughout the day. Crate training, car rides, field trips, grooming, feeding manners, and more are all daily skills that refine with repetition, time, and consistency!


Every time you interact with a puppy, you are influencing/training their behavior (whether good or bad); this program concentrates on producing a confident, balanced puppy with the skills to learn and pay attention to us humans so we can guide them to make the correct decisions!

This science-based program also provides the essential, environmental enrichment for puppies based on each unique, critical period of development. During their early maturation, puppies go through multiple stages of fear and acceptance, which is imperative to recognize and support them in the proper way to ensure they are receptive and continue to build confidence. Knowing when each stage is coming and what to do is critical when raising a puppy; we help to condition their emotional response to be accepting and comfortable with each stage and change of exposure!

We then transfer the training to you and your home so the puppy can acclimate smoothly; you will learn how to GET their attention, HOLD their attention, get them to respond to you (as they do the trainer), and of course be able to teach them any new behavior quickly and effectively (with the help of clicker/marker words).
We can also provide customized board & train programs to fit your specific needs.

Due to the fact that campers stay inside the trainer's personal home, spaces are limited for the board & train programs; it is highly recommended to book well in advance!

Behaviors and exposures covered in the puppy board and train program:

- House Etiquette: putting them in a routine from day one to ease them into a positive, predictable schedule for best results.

- Crate Training: sleeping in the night (6 - 8hrs)

- Potty Training: introduction to go to door and ring the bell

- Car Ride Etiquette

- Meal Time Etiquette 

- Greeting Etiquette

- Name Recognition

- Socialization: a variety of noises, objects, environments, people, dogs, cats, farm animals, etc.

- Desensitization: to being handled and touched

- Confidence Building: inside and outside (small field trips)

- Grooming Practice: nails, teeth, ears, brush, bath.

- Focus and Impulse Control: training the puppy brain through short, repetitious sessions with "overnight learning naps" in-between for quick results.

- Leash walking: wear harness/leash without mouthing for short distances, practice "free heel" and "heel" position.

- Distance Control: staying with you when there are other distractions.

- SIT, DOWN, TOUCH, PLACE, and Beginning Recall

- Gate/Door/Threshold Control

- Learning Theory

- Intro to Clicker Training

Common puppy behavior modification & prevention:

- Mouthing/play biting
- Jumping Up
- Demand barking
- Chewing inappropriate items
- Any Insecurities or sensitivity

You as the pet parent will learn:

- How to successfully socialize your puppy
- How to get your puppy's attention when distracted

- How to develop a livable and enjoyable routine with your puppy
- The tools to teach any additional behavior or trick
- Correct holding of the leash and walking

- The benefits of crate training

- How to feed and what to feed


- Initial consultation at the time of pick-up and drop off
- Email and phone support during and after program completion

- Photo and video updates

* This program has a 2-week minimum, though 4 weeks or more is recommended for best results. 


$160 per night

Day Training/Puppy Camp:

- A daycare/training program without the boarding at night. 
- Receive photo and video updates on how your pup is doing, while they learn manners and social skills with other puppies in an enriching, positive environment!


$100 per day

Puppies that have gone through our training program can board for a discount, starting at $80 per night.

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