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Group Class & Secure Field Rental

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Intro to Scent Detection Class

Discover a new outlet for your dog that enriches them mentally and also enhances their sensory experience. This class is designed to teach your pup how to identify a distinct scent. Your dog will learn how to use their nose effectively and develop their natural hunting instincts.

This class is perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes and can provide numerous benefits such as:

* Keeping your dog mentally stimulated and exercised

* Providing a fun and interactive way to bond with your dog


* Helping to reduce stress and anxiety in your dog

* Improving your dog's focus and concentration

*Enhancing your dog's natural abilities and instincts

Canine Soapbox

Well-exercised dogs are well-behaved dogs, and dog sport training includes the best of both worlds to physically and mentally fulfill them at the same time. Canine Soapbox is a new sport that involves an obstacle course designed to help dogs and their human partners learn essential communication skills. Additionally, the physical and mental challenges of the course will help keep dogs active, engaged, and mentally stimulated. This novel sport underscores the significance of vocal cues and manual gestures, creating an authentic assessment of the bond shared between a dog and its handler.

    In Canine Soapbox, obstacle courses are designed to simulate real-life scenarios where dogs need to follow their owner's direction. Crafted in a challenging way that demands both physical and mental prowess from dogs, these obstacles serve as an exceptional tool for training and exercise. Each team will be graded on accuracy, speed, agility, and attitude. Canine Soapbox will also be taught with a new cognitive dog training system called P.R.E.S.T.O, which represents: Purpose, Relationship, Enrichment, Synergy, Timing, and Objective.

    Educating and motivating all types of dog owners through a fun new sport should make a positive impact in many lives. Canine Soapbox will provide a fun and challenging activity for both the dog and human. It can help improve the bond between the two and provide an opportunity for the handler to build trust and confidence with their dog. It also provides a way for dogs to burn off excess energy and get the exercise they need to maintain good health.

Dog Contest

Treibball Foundation Skills

Treibball is a competitive dog sport which originated in Germany and entered sanctioned competition in 2008. Treibball means "Ball Driving" and is a sport of distance skill and teamwork: the dog must gather and drive large exercise balls quickly into a soccer goal. Your dog will get great exercise and play an engaging game that builds handler focus and communication skills.

Our Secure Enrichment Field is available to rent privately. Contact us for more information!

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